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Safe & Secure LiveScan Fingerprinting Services



When you've been asked to provide your fingerprints, turn to Mail Services Etc. in Long Beach, California, for convenient LiveScan services. Fingerprinting is used for background checks, licensing, certifications and more. LiveScan captures fingerprints electronically by rolling you fingers across a glass plate that scans the image. It is clean, fast and more accurate that the old ink method. We also offer hard card fingerprinting on FBI cards FD-258 using electronic capturing technology on FBI certified printers. They are used for out of state licensing and FBI background checks. No appointments necessary. We provide mobile scan services for large groups by appointment.
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The fee for LiveScan fingerprinting is $20. The DOJ and FBI also charge a fee to run your prints and send the results to the requesting agency. The fee depends on the agency's ORI number found on the top left corner of your form. Set by the DOJ and FBI, the fee is unavoidable.

All fees are due at the time of fingerprinting. If the agency has provided you with a billing number of its own, you only pay the $20 rolling fee.
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